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What you need to know

Working WITH your dog to create a stress free stay!


General Information

Open 8-8 with after hour pick up/drop off potentially available if times are reasonable


All dog breeds are welcome


We are happy to offer a tour for customers before they commit to bringing furbaby but request it be by appointment.

Intake/Pick Up

Intake and pick up of guests are done through assigned outside run attached to inside run preventing walking a dog past the front of the  inside kennels, reducing stress for existing guests and for arriving guest.  

We schedule drop off/pick up so that there are no over laps, if someone is early, they wait in their vehicle to minimize dog interaction.

Our Facility

Designed with minimizing stress for our k-9 guests.

We wanted to make the individual kennels private, so a shy dog isn’t intimidated by being stared at by a more extroverted dog, We don’t have kennels facing each other for the same reason.


14 kennels

2 larger outside pens with dog houses for dogs who are outside only (coming in spring 2024)

Individual/private Indoor space is 8x5 connected to outside run (also individual/private) 30x5.  

Outside runs: a layer of road fabric, then gravel, then rig mats, then artificial turf.  Completely eliminating mud and risk of “dig out”

  The end of the run is chainlink with no view blocked, so your K9 friend can look over the forest

All the runs have ramps (not stairs) to get to the inside suite making it universally accessible for tiny dogs, geratric dogs  or the chronically lame

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